The Quilter is Glasgow native Stuart Dougan, who has previously made an impact on the Scottish indie scene with notable projects French Wives and Smash Williams, returns entirely on his own terms – writing everything himself and recording most of the project alone. Set to release his debut EP in June, setting a high standard for what is to come, the latest single ‘The Long Weekend’s the quilters most anthemic indie-pop tune yet.

‘Bolt The Door’ EP is a collection of bold alt-pop songs, some of which were made before the pandemic and others that were written during the initial lockdown. This EP follows on from 2020’s immersive, cinematic visual record Dark Cloud/Grey Area, equal parts documentary film, live concert and album.

Inspiring the same sense of magnitude and euphoric nostalgia as Phoenix or Arcade Fire, ‘The Long Weekend’ is a driving anthemic slice of alternative indie-pop. Bold and colourful textures and melodies drive the track euphorically forward. A love letter to ordinariness pre-pandemic days, The Quilter makes one ache to share our lives with our friends again, to sit on the grass and bask in sunlight, stand shoulder to shoulder in the face of live music, just to spend a long weekend in the company of other humans – we’re all ‘patiently waiting for nothing particular, the mundane’s incredible now that it’s simpler’.

For The Quilter, ‘this song was in part inspired by a viral clip I saw from the set of ‘Uncut Gems’ where the crew had finished filming and were all dancing to ‘I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd.  It was just a short clip but I wanted to try and capture the palpable sense of joy that was clearly being felt at the time.  It was written during the lockdown and is basically a love letter to my friends and daydreaming about getting to hang out and have fun in a post-pandemic world.  I’m very aware that it’s bombastic and over the top in places but I wanted to purposely try and capture a sense of hopeful euphoria that one day, not too far from here, you’ll get to hug all your friends again.’