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wallyPDF, otherwise known as Wally Sajimi, forms a completely idysocranic musical project. Bringing a complexion of lofi tunes to life in an extraordinarily unique way.

Venturing into the realm of artificial intelligence art back in 2019, wallyPDF began his exploration into the connection between music and technology, lessening the interaction established by humans, and increasing the unification that AI could create within his musical sphere. Utilising algorithms to learn from brain activity and creativity, he explains,

“I wanted to fuse and integrate technology with music creation. There’s a lack of experimentation between music creation and technology sometimes. People think you need 95% of human interaction to make music, but sometimes you don’t. In the world we live in now technology has been helping the music industry grow.”

With an ability to code 98% of the workload, wallyPDF covered everything from production, through to art, without even taking to the booth. Taking profound influence from the likes of Jay Z to Fela Kuti, and even his Nigerian aunts, the Lijadu Sisters, he hopes to open up new waves for lofi-lovers everywhere. He continues, “In my opinion, it’s a genre that has one of the highest replay values in the music industry with mystic anonymous artists who have no egos and care about the art and creation of music.”

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His latest single “Myself” was created by the decentralised anonymous music artist omgkirby and American rapper Channel Tres. omgkirby launched a first-of-its-kind generative music NFT collection. The highly-anticipated collection includes 5,550 songs, each with its own BPM and key. This includes uploading the song to DSPs, using it for your own content, and exploiting the track in any other way. WallyPDF explains, “Myself (with Channel Tres) was recorded by Channel Tres and ombgkirby. By buying the songs on the blockchain, you completely own the song. Unlike other music NFTs, it includes both rights to the song recording as well as the publishing. Each track is unique. It consists of its own combination of intro, outro, transition, chorus, BPM and key. Therefore, collectors can upload their new Channel Tres songs to DSPs and also use them for their own content.”

Omgkirby shares, “Our drop with Channel Tres is our most groundbreaking yet. We’re further pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in generative music. The songs are created from a blend of human and machine that mixes keys, tempos, and arrangements while being full-length tracks featuring the vocals and sounds of the incredible Channel Tres.”

wallyPDF’s musical endeavours shine brightly. Having recently signed with Downtown Music as a musical artist specializing in computer-generated music, he continues to develop as an artist. With over 300,000 monthly listeners and streaming numbers hitting the millions, he’s becoming a frontier for technology-immersed music. In 2021, he made the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2021 and has also founded several companies.


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