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In the annals of music history, their story begins in the vibrant year of 1980, only to mysteriously vanish from the limelight, leaving fans yearning for their return. But behold, like the mythical phoenix, they have emerged from the ashes, ready to soar once more.

What’s truly remarkable is their decision to breathe life into some of their classic tracks, now beautifully reincarnated in their very first EP. It’s as if time has moulded and caressed them, nurturing their musical essence over the years. This is a sonic blend of old and new, a harmonious fusion that invites you to embark on a magnificent journey through the corridors of their artistic evolution.

Dive into the time capsule of their musical legacy with this exquisite 5-track EP, now available on all streaming platforms. As you immerse yourself in the melodies of yesteryears entwined with the freshness of today, can you feel the magic of their musical resurrection?


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