2000 Miles (Wadlow, Arana, Morefield) by Refracted Memories
Said goodbye with a fake, half-smile, heading 2000 miles away
The Black Hills rolled into the plains and there we drove for days
They said, “Son don’t worry bout a thing, because we gonna be alright”
The crickets sang with all they had and slipped into the night
Into the night
The days they came, the days the went and summer lost to fall
The leaves died slowly on the stem, the wind he took them all
This cold, sharp pain deep in my soul, I miss my only home
The prodigal son left them some, a whisper on the phone

and the watchman said the garden died last summer
and the sun dried up the worry in this town
and the shallow graves can’t quite contain the humor
We were wrong
and I’m 2000 miles away

I’ve been hiding in the shadows
Never mind, that’s not shade
You know I can tell the difference from 2000 miles away

Ah the twists the turns were wide
The captain led us in
Two lost vessels in a fog bank
2000 miles away

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