A saner wOrld w/mOag – lenny by man On a grill
Music and lyrics : A SANER WORLD http://ift.tt/2g0guXg
Vocals : mOag

A ton of fun, thanks Steve, Mark and Rob [ASW] for making it happen.

There’s a row of faces
yet not a single smile
coz if you’re going to die then go in style

They’re waiting for a stumble
they’re waiting for the choke
they’re waiting for another dirty joke

And there’s nothing we could do
and Lenny should know better
and if he’s going down
we’re going down together
and i am just like him
‘cause i can’t keep my mouth shut
now where do we begin
now Lenny’s gone?

It’s time to pull the ripcord
and find the safety net
it’s never ‘what you give is what you get’

They’ll put you out of action
push you ’til you break
when all you did was give their world a shake

Deep down inside he’s just the same as us
who knew that what he said was dangerous
we think we’ve all got a new song to sing

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