Doc Brown // Unlearn:Radio #80 (October 2017) by Doc Brown
Three brand new Doc Brown originals are featured in the episode, all out this month, along with October’s freshest groovy melodic tracks.

All previous episodes can be streamed from or downloaded from iTunes here:

1. Doc Brown – Must Be You (Original Mix)
2. Doc Brown – Small Room In A Big City (Original Mix)
3. Doc Brown – When It Comes, It Comes In Waves (Original Mix)
4. Shutker – Phase (Original Mix)
5. Hollen – Cyclop (Original Mix)
6. D.Mongelos – Phuture (Nino Bua Remix)
7. Emanuele Esposito – Porta Nolana (Original Mix)
8. Camelphat – Monsters (Original Mix)
9. Alberto Ruiz – La Vaina Del Raputan (Original Mix)
10. Jack & Danny – Rave Game (Original Mix)
11. Monstergetdown – Lefty (Original Mix)
12. Sasha – GameOvr (Original Mix)
13. Tiger Stripes – Machines (Original Mix)
14. PAX – Universe (DJ Dep Sinth Remix)
15. Oliver Queen – Drop Zone (Original Mix)
16. DJ Smilk – Parental Cycle (Original Mix)
17. Andy Mart – I Wanna Be Right There (Original Mix)
18. Scott James & Jimmy Strip – Gotta Make This (Original Mix)
19. Eclept – Rhythm for Me (Original Mix)
20. PAX – Power (Original Mix)
21. Pagano & Jason Chance – Make Everything Alright (Tech Dub)

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