Moullinex – Say It Slow (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow) by Discotexas
Available in digital, vinyl and CD.

Hypersex is a collective love letter to the club culture. We believe we can dance our way to a better world. A world with room for everyone, regardless of their origin, political views, race, religion, gender, and sexuality.
Much like hypertext is a system designed to multiply connections between ideas, “Hypersex” was designed to multiply connections between people. It’s also a metaphor for the dancefloor: a place where, throughout history, we came together and created something new.
When I started working on it in 2016, an unprecedented refugee crisis was happening and Europe was turning its back on it. In the US, a massacre had just taken place in a gay nightclub in Orlando and the country was getting ready to elect Donald Trump. I had to respond. So I reached out to like-minded artists I admired, and set out to create my most collaborative project yet.
Hypersex is truly a collaborative effort: it features songs with Fritz Helder, Best Youth, Iwona of Rebeka, Georgia Anne Muldrow, DA CHICK, Marta Ren, Guilherme Tomé Ribeiro, Shermar Davis and Tee Flowers. The artwork is by Bráulio Amado, who I have been working with in all my albums, and whom I involved to the point of naming songs according to his illustration ideas, and not just the usual opposite. Videos were made by filmmakers Bruno Ferreira, Nuno Xico, João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira, Paco Cruz and more to come, and also a fanzine with a dozen guest illustrators which we’ll unveil very soon.
The world we live in is getting sadder and grey. We don’t expect to change it with a record, but we might as well add some color to it.

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