OMEGA dB – Speaking With Machines (preview) by HYPERSUNDAY RECORDS
After releasing two EPs –My Church (2014) and Utopian Reality (2015)–, the Barcelona based producer Omega dB returns on October 20 with Speaking With Machines, two tracks with a common thread: the growing human interaction with machines, the language that emerges from that collaboration (doomed to symbiosis), and the lights and shadows of this marriage of convenience. Machines and their creative or destructive potential are, in fact, one of the main Omega dB obsessions, already developed through his earlier albums, a more dense and atmospheric stuff that these new tracks.

This different and very specific spirit explains the decision of the two tracks format: “They are both techno pieces, two sides of the same coin, two well-assembled parts that become a unit”, explains the producer about Speaking Whith Machines and Big Data, the two tracks that make up this work.

Speaking With Machines by Omega dB –aka of Adrián Gázquez–, is dance floor oriented techno. The rhythmic base and sequencers, the flawless production, neat tone and increasing voltage are some of its main and most attractive characteristics. You´ll also find some acid humor, especially in Speaking With Machines and its robotic voices and sequencers like out of a 80’s video game.

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