Thunderthief – Tear You Apart Ft. JAE by thunderthief
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Can you feel it in the air?
The breath across your skin
Would you follow me down
I’ll keep you near
Don’t worry about the sounds
They’re not what they appear
I’ll tear you apart

Is it getting tighter?
Is the room on fire?
We’ll know everything tonight
Don’t you worry Darling
I don’t say I’m sorry
But the truth cuts like a knife

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Now you followed me down
The end is near
You’re screamin’ out the sounds
That nobody can hear
I’m tearing you apart

Written by: Thunderthief, JAE
Produced by: Thunderthief
Recorded at: Boom Boom Room (Denver, CO)
Mastered at: Rusty Sun Audio (Parker, CO)
Directed by: Jon Engele, Casey Ottmann
Cinematography by: Jon Engele
Edited by: Gentry & Hutch

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