Why feat. Stephen Marley by White Tiger Society
White Tiger Society debut single “Why feat. Stephen Marley” avail. August 11th.
Buy single on itunes, Amazon and Google here : http://ift.tt/2y9SHhp

From the forthcoming debut album “Sound of the White Tiger” out Sept. 15th.
Lalabela Music Group / Distribution: OneRPM
Press Inquiries : Giant Step/Ben-David Fenwick – bdfenwick@giantstep.net
Booking inquiries : wts.lalabela@gmail.com
Official website http://ift.tt/1v4UH3m
Credits :
Written by Dajla Lalia, @BenjiBouton, “Comissioner” Gordon Williams and Stephen Marley.
Vocals by Dajla Lalia and Stephen Marley //Guitars & Keys by Benji Bouton
Bass by Christopher Meredith // Drums by Stixx Mitchell // Horns by Kevin Batchelor (trumpet), Fred Reiter (tenor sax), Robert Stringer(trombone) // Percussions by Comissioner Gordon // Produced and mixed by Comish // Engineered by Gennaro “Geronimo” Schiano // Mastered by Tony Dawsey & Joel “SuperDJ Buff” Hearne #StrongTeam #JahArmy

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