Wy – Indolence by HYBRIS
Longtime lovers Ebba and Michel formed Wy in 2015 after several years of playing in bands together. Their guitar-driven pop is dreamy and melancholic and with Ebba’s distinctive voice they manage to cut through the noise and latch on to your soul.

Their debut EP “Never Was” have recieved international praise and the follow up singles have been picked up by both national and international radio. With their ever growing online fanbase and an unique artistic approach Wy has proven themselves to be a sad force to be reckoned with.

On their debut album “Okay” Wy are wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The 10-track LP contains mellow anthems about self-doubt, social anxiety and the search for happiness. Like true masters of sad pop, Wy’s music can make you cry while still letting the sun peek through the window.

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Out October 20th on Hybris/Better Call Rob

Vinyl: smarturl.it/buy-okay

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