kisses in a grave by Secret Caves
SECRET CAVES summer edition, guest guitar: Rizzer

with a grin
like carving knives
she holds you back
got the medicine in hand
as she makes her sad demands
from the cul-de-sac

…in your secret cave

what you fail to understand
in the tunnel of love, in
a secret cave,
she says shut it down,
takes off your dress
and gives you kisses in a grave

…in your secret cave

while you’re blacking out the moon
they lay you down
right down to the bottom
and the gold coins,
they pour down your throat
till you beg their pardon

…in your secret cave

you can tell me what you saw
you can tell me what you saw
you didn’t see no ghost
you’re a liar
you’re a liar
and i’d like to lay down in your
funeral pyre
and propose a toast
…in your secret cave,

© 2017 by PetPetPet Productions

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