One Step Ahead by Dan X2
This is track 9 in our Tom Petty tribute series. This is our first song using Izotope Ozone mastering software.

This has a ton of Tom Petty references by way of song titles and some lyrics. And the end is an absolute tribute to Tom and the boys. This is a song about a snake oil salesman type. A real scoundrel always on the move to swindle the people of each town he visits. This was a whole lot of fun!

Hope you like it!!

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The dust had barely settled
When the curtain had come down
And then for just a moment
no one made a sound

And I was out the window
I got no plans to stick around
No way I could get lost
In this old one story town

It’s How you play the game
You’ll be quick or you’ll be dead
It’s all a bluff but don’t back down
Gotta keep one step ahead
one step, one step, one step,
One step ahead

I lived a wasted life
And It wore me to the bone
But I found a criminal life
And a heart with a mind of it’s own

Lots of folks with lots of scratch
Find a mark and make a score
Get all you can carry
It’s what I came here for

The magic’s in diversion
distract them from the lie
It’s hard to see the hand
When it’s quicker than the eye

Sometimes I don’t know why
But these old towns can seem so hopeless
You can’t break down
You gotta keep your focus

I’m just a friendly face in the crowd
But I can’t come around here no more
Running down a dream
as I’m running out the door

You can’t afford mistakes
You’ve got to keep your head
And It’s good to know a shortcut
In case the lights start turning red

You don’t know how it feels
Living like a refugee
But the money makes it better
And no one’s jammin me

And It’s best to keep on movin
Or you might fill up with lead
Like a stranger in the night
I gotta keep one step ahead
One step…
And I’m gone…

Into the great wide open..

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