At Your Touch by Joe Hertz
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Introducing Joe Hertz.

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London based but, like his contemporaries, globally inspired, Joe’s sound draws on a heady mix of on point drum programming and tension laced melodies that blur genre boundaries with poise and class, fittingly showcased in his debut single, ‘At Your Touch’.

A combination of radiant synths, infectiously swung bass notes and a truly distinctive vocal, the overriding aesthetic is absorbing and blissfully mesmerising. The Yin to its glossy Yang lies between the beats which are steeped with impact throughout. The bottom-end pulses in perfect harmony; tuned kicks, EQ’d with precision, cut through the lower-mid melodies laying rock solid foundations for a subtle groove to evolve. The mix of its rousing core and lush delivery makes ‘At Your Touch’ somewhat hard to place but all the more standout for it.

21st century soul with blissed-out Balearic characteristics, simply described ‘At Your Touch’ is lifestyle music for the modern generation.

The beginning of an exciting journey, Joe Hertz ‘At Your Touch’ lands late summer.





We can make this work,
no words needed to say,
its the way you tease me say my name
choose the truth or the dare,
and i’ll make the move
who ever said that love was fading?
for your love i’m waiting,
and from time to time,
I wonder where you are loosing all trace of mind,
I cant recall the,
right way to find,
time to feel your body baby close to mine.


Can’t question it,
feel your body burning at my touch (oh oo ohhh)
no need to rush we’ve got all night,
I want to know
baby will you give me all your love?
but don’t tell me that you love me baby


oh show me what you know,
i’m about to let my baby take control,
no thinking, questions, no reality,
inside your mind no reason for morality,
I cant recall the,
right way to find,
time to feel your body baby close to mine



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