Beach Podcast Guest Mix by Jägerhertz by K.Kjergaard / Beach Podcast
Hallo Freunde
Beach Podcast startet in das neue Jahr 2018.
Ich freue mich sehr,euch in diesem Jahr wieder coole Artists mit super Mixen präsentieren zu können.
Den auftagt machen “ Jägerhertz ” aus Bristol ( England ) freut euch auf ein cooles Set der beiden.
Hello friends
Beach Podcast starts in the new year 2018.
I am very happy to be able to present you cool artists with great mixes again this year.
Bringing on “Jägerhertz” from Bristol ( United Kingdom ) is looking forward to a cool set of the two.
BIO: Jagerhertz is the creation of two musically synced brains. The idea behind this project is to deliver unique, energetic and full-on Techno. Anna and Philipp are frequency hunters who were connected years ago by a very special energy which includes a great love for music, old synthesizers and partying (with Jagermeister of course!) This explosive mix of energies is an inseparable part of their every day life that will always translate to the magical atmosphere on the dance foor. Their sound will surprise you with high-energy slabs wrapped in soulful melodies, twisted by dirty synth lines.
With their mixes and their production these two will take you through an unforgettable musical journey to the edge of the 4/4 universe.
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