Big Fox – The Fight by HYBRIS
Single – THE FIGHT – Out January 19, 2018.
Taken from the upcoming album “See How the Light Falls”, Q2 2018.
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Big fox is back. Five years since her last album, Big
Fox – a.k.a Charlotta Perers – is back with new
material. Just as the single »Shadows« from her album
‘Now’ (2013) reached 2 million plays on Spotify, she
now announces her new single The Fight. It’s her most
majestic love anthem so far.

The new single, as well as the upcoming album, has
been recorded and produced together with Tom
Malmros (the producer of Alice Boman and long
time member of this is head). His involvement and
fresh ideas has made the recordings even more sincere
and interesting, by really bringing Big Fox’s potential
to the maximum.

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Big Fox about the upcoming album:
“To me, writing music is a way to slow things down.
Everything moves so fast and when I’m writing a song
it’s like freezing a moment. Create some space around
the thoughts. See things in different lights. A song is like
a secret space where you can say things that you don’t
say anywhere else. Somehow I find it easier to be brutally
honest there.
Nowadays I think I’m often searching for a
kind of meditative quality in the music, even though I
still want it to be pop. It’s all about balance, between the
words, the melody and the arrangements. It’s so easy to
tip a song over if the production isn’t exactly right. I think
that’s one of the reasons why I liked working with this
album, since Tom Malmros and I really took the time to
search for that balance.
When I was writing this album, I was dealing
with things that challenged my own image of myself and
people around me. Questions that really don’t have any
easy answers. I was thinking a lot about violence as a
means to control a situation and its longterm consequences,
or observing how empathy seems to adjust to
whatever circumstances we’re in. What hit me the most,
was how easy it is to get used to things if the shift happens
slowly enough. How quickly we start to justify and
defend our actions. So some of the songs were in one
sense an attempt to reverse that process, to remember my
first reaction. To remind myself of what I already know.”

Singles will be spread out over the first half of 2018,
and the album will be released just before the summer.
Since her first performance in 2011, Big Fox has played
up and down Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Spain,
Austria, Swizerland and France; touched millions of
hearts with her two albums; had her songs placed in major
TV-shows; received massive press coverage in Europe
and beyond; been added to radio playlists in Germany,
France and Sweden; shared stage with First Aid
Kit and reached more than 2 million plays on Spotify.

The first single The Fight is out 19th of January 2018.

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