She Built a Time Machine © 2018 Don Nelson by Don Nelson 1
More clearing out of half-baked projects from my laptop… one more down! This one seemed fitting for New Years – it is a re-recording of a goofy song I wrote a few years back – about a woman scientist in Oregon who builds a time machine – funded by drug dealers… it was probably more fun to create than it will be to listen to – but I DID have fun messing around with it – and hope you enjoy it too.

She Built a Time Machine © 2018 by Don Nelson
It was a shooting star blazing through the air
Strapped to the back of a rocket chair
Funded by anonymous billionaires – She built a time machine!
A beam of light from a cyclotron
Stirring up them bosons and fermions
In that secret lab up in Oregon – She built a time machine!

She got her ideas wherever she could find them
Freeman Dyson & Richard Feynman
Benoit Mandelbrot & Stephen Hawking
(She liked how his computer got to do all the talking…)
She had a few conundrums – she had some doubts
But then one day she finally figured it out
Once she had all her ducks lined up right
She was ready to go and build a prototype

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It was a hot knife cutting through the butter of time
Leaving space and this place behind
She wasn’t really sure just what she’d find but – She built a time machine!
Everybody said that it couldn’t be done
Nobody had a clue what was going on
When she threw that switch she was good and gone – She built a time machine!

She showed her designs to some cats she knew
They had a lot of spare cash from all the grass they grew
Showed them her blueprints – laid out all her plans
And even though they didn’t quite understand…
Once some of the dealers got hip to her compendium
She got a shipping container stuffed with Benjamin’s
She bought some gold foil for the reactor’s interior
And 3 or 4 pounds of fissionable material…
It was a shooting star blazing through the air…

It took a little time to get everything right
But finally one night she got the green “go” light
She jumped right aboard – threw the reactor in gear
And that’s when everything started to disappear…
She thought she had set it for the Cretaceous Zone
But the handle got stuck and something went wrong
She wound up heading back before any time at all
“Absolute Elsewhere” – I think that’s what it’s called
It was a hot knife cutting through the butter of time…

She saw space and time fold back on itself
There was nothing else there – nobody else
It wasn’t very pretty – it wasn’t much fun
When the stars started going out one by one
She wanted to scream – she wanted to shout!
Everything was turning inside out!
But then the engine seized up – the reactor shut down
She wound up back in her lab in good old Beaverton…
It was a shooting star blazing through the air…

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