Suicide Attempt Number 5 by Somasu
It’s sui… It’s suicide

“God loves you” I don’t think so
I took my hand out of the floor
Forces due – yeah – yeah
I know I’m through
Tell me about your love across the fountain
THE LOVE you know I’m lacking
Speak to me above your favourite mountain ~
Where I lost control ~
Yet we are not alone ~
We keep the land disowned ~
I’m talking about the holy ghost ~
That Satan coiled and used ~

I lock myself in the heavens (in the heavens)
We unknow ourselves in cavern (on the cavern)
Vertigo on deck, this is Helen (let it go)
I control my neck for a second
Satan noose
What time is due
Long way cue
For fallen looms
I don’t THINK you know oh
This is now my fault ~
Kill it now and resolve

It’s sui… It’s suicide (this is now my fault)

On on on on on on on on on
War war war war war war war war war
There’s a time for reminding
I can’t breathe ~
I’m binding-in ~
We don’t want your wattttter
On my own
Lessons owed now
Bless my soul high
I am your clone, child ~
I’m – I’m not here
Hold me dearly ~
Til my releaaaase

It’s sui… It’s suicide (til my release)

I wish I had a companion
Someone I could get loud to
I wish I had a companion
Someone to show off to
I wish I had a companion
But I never found you

Produced by StunnahSezbeatz

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