‘One Day (Sub Hero’s One Night Remix)’
A Sub Hero remix of ‘One Day’ by Guiville and Minettefourie

Sub Hero is a UK based solo artist who produces trip-hop and dub based downtempo music littered with the washy ambiances, vintage drums and deep bass that underpin his style.

Sub Hero is available for remix work and collaborations, and is also active on Soundcloud exploring the music of others and reposting the very best of what he finds.

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Sub Hero has been producing sample based music since the turn of the millennium, when after having found a demo of MUSIC on the Playstation he was hooked. After a few years away from producing he rediscovered his love for it through EnergyXT2, producing trip-hop tracks such as ‘Bjorn Supremacy’, ‘Chronicles Of An Instant’ and ‘Colours’ under the Sub Hero name. Wanting an even more capable DAW, he later moved onto Ableton Live, where he discovered his current style producing the electro-dub track ‘Empty Glasses’. It was at this point that the Sub Hero artwork style was also born, with the Sub Hero profile based off of a scribble drawing he made with his son.



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