Beach Podcast Guest Mix by dj Chaskan by K.Kjergaard / Beach Podcast
Hallo Freunde
es ist wieder an der Zeit für einen neuen Beach Podcast….
diesmal wurde das Set gemixt von dj Chaskan aus Barcelona
Hello friends
It’s time for a new Beach Podcast ….
this time the set was mixed by dj Chaskan from Barcelona
My name is Cesar, my artistic name is Dj Chaskan, I started mixing when I was 13 years old in 1989., I’m from Spain, and I live in Barcelona, when I mixed at that time there were several styles, acid, electronic, harcore music, goa, trance, psychotrance, etc … in 1994, I began to dedicate myself as a DJ to mix at private parties, clubs, afters etc. As time passed, I began to experiment, with new technologies, new sounds, new musical styles. I am passionate about techno, dark techno and techno house music etc. I like to mix any style. I like to be creative, put my touch of magic in my mixes, and create my own style.
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