Talk Less Say More – Repeating

Reminiscent of the surrealism of David Lynch, the video for “Repeating” is a convincing and perfected masterpiece depicting the highs and lows of human essence. Interestingly, in the chorus it references the star of Peep Show Mark Corrigan’s cult passage reassuring the listener that, despite all of life’s insanity, he is still “living a normal life and no one can prove otherwise”. The video has been co-produced by Blake House Filmmakers Cooperative. According to the visual creatives, the production process was stripped of any pre-existing inventive concepts and relied on the intuitiveness of collective play which enabled a flawless transmission of the track’s intensity and feel onto the visual dimension.

Deservedly defined by its musical perfectionism and sharp attention to detail upon production, TLSM’s latest artful wry pop project is filled with treasures to be discovered. Inspired by Caravaggio, Søren Kierkegaard and with its multiple references to philosophy and physics, it makes for a thought-provoking and extremely rewarding viewing.

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