Alright (Vintage Melodrama) by Jonni Slater

Jonni Slater’s music ranges from intimate and heartfelt to uplifting and cinematic, mixing a love of dramatic soundscapes with classic songwriting.

“Slater is onto something special”

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“Plays with the mind and heart while refusing to sit still long enough to be pigeonholed.”

From the “Inversions” EP, released on 20th April. A song about the loneliness of the big city.

“You’re late tonight
It’s cold outside
Headlights slow on the boulevard
And time has passed
Measured by the glass
All gone, still you stay a little
Turn light down low
Now you’re alone

In the streetlight where the people hurry by
Just a glance would dry the tears in your eye

Keep moving on
There’s somewhere to belong
But you know these streets say nothing
Do you feel the same?
No, don’t turn away
Make tomorrow wait a little
In this stolen light
Stay close tonight
Say it’ll be alright”


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