Simi Nah

Simi Nah is a live duo composed by:

Place of Birth : Nice FR.
Residence : Ostend BE.
Height : 153 cm.
Present occupation : Bass player, vocalist,
CEO Why2k Productions.
Past occupation(s) : Bass player, bass player, bass player.

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Place of Birth : Ostend BE.
Residence : Ostend BE.
Height : 170 cm.
Present occupation : Sonic manipulator,
multi instrumentalist.
Past occupation(s) : Sound engineer, guitarist, drummer.

Crimes in no particular order :

Support for OMD.
Mixing Birkin like vocals with hard electronica.
Attacking BIMfest 2012 BE.
Support The Neon Judgement Paris.
Intruding Moritzbastei WTG 2013 Leipzig.
Support Anne Clark more than once BE.
Producing 3rd album ’ Be my Guest"containing several Belgian Artists
from past and present.
Translating ’ Eisbear’ in French.
Sold out “Be my Guest show” Casino BE.
Bootlegging their own first album.
Pulling of “Be my Guest show V2.0” Retie BE.

Sentenced to :

Forced labour under the form of live concerts in unknown territories
for a minimum of 100 hours per annum.
Life sentence to musical creation….


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