Summer Days Live at Abbey Road

The Brighton based songwriter and producer Jak Chantler, has re-launched himself as soulful artist Short Sharp Scratch, after playing guitar for Kerrang’s Best Unsigned Band, Kingskin. Since the success of the band, Chantler has worked alongside Charlie Andrew of Alt J, before high profile guitar performances for the likes of James Corden, Rick Astley and Gordon Ramsey and is now returning with melancholy synthpop single ‘Summer Days’.

The multi-talented mind of Jak Chantler has been writing a variety of pop and rock records since the band’s split before cementing his soul-inspired throwback sound with debut release ‘Shell Suit’, which was BBC Introducing’s track of the day. Whilst exploring funky synth pop, Chantler still shows signs of his alternative rock roots, creating the entirely unique sound which is ‘Summer Days’.