What Am I Supposed To Be? by When Monet Went Blind

Anthony D’Ambrosio, the sole creator and musician for the project “When Monet Went Blind.” I am trying to write classic rock and rock songs with lyrics that mean something and relate to the struggles in life. I am mostly inspired by Led Zeppelin and this song is kind of my tribute to one of my favorite Led Zeppelin albums, their first one. The song is about always trying to do the right thing and not knowing what is right and wrong sometimes, but having pure intentions. My first 3 songs are the first songs I’ve ever released, hence the title of my EP (De Novo meaning “from the beginning” in Latin). I am hoping people can relate to my songs through their own struggles in life and can find comfort in the words. All of this was recorded in a $200 home studio with no previous knowledge of mixing so I know it’s not perfect but I’m happy with the product. My main instrument is drums but I play all the other instruments by ear and I believe I have put out a solid 3 openings songs for everyone and I plan on releasing the final 4 for the album this summer!


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