What do you call a melting pot of music, fashion and dance infused from living and traveling the world and absorbing the various cultures from the east to the west? WNT-AL-N!

WNT-AL-N, pronounced “Went All In,” is an abundance of talent that can’t be boxed. From his diverse musical palate to his fashion flare and dance skills, his name encompasses it all.

Creating radiant art to instill and inspire hope and motivation, the soon-to-be pop sensation gives his fans an authentic sonic fusion of funk, Caribbean, pop, hip hop and various ethnic sounds as he goes All In.

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Having moved over 30 times in his young life and calling Hong Kong, Atlanta, Denver, Tokyo and Singapore home at different points, this multi-talent creative sponged up all the cultures he encountered and brilliantly merges all these elements into his mix. Evading the genre trappings like his eccentric musical peers Lady Gaga, CeeLo and Andre 3000, WNT-AL-N explains,

“As long as its jamming and people dig it, they can call me whatever. It’s hard to put your finger on soul. I’m a reflection of mankind and Earth is my platform. Music is an art that’s for all. It’s not bound by color, creed, etc… It’s human nature and that’s what I tap into.”

“But even the play on words, it is ‘all in.’ It’s a melting pot, it’s a gumbo of culture and life… My personal experiences but also a reflection of humanity. Really for me, that’s what I’m all about. Music, fashion, dance… All these things are just tools. Truly, I think it’s my job to feed people. If I’m not feeding somebody with my art, my creative…then why did God give it to me?”

WNT-AL-N gives the people a first look into his heart and music with the energetic single “Way Out” co-produced by one of Dr. Dre’s producers, The Art Teacher. Laying the foundation for his emergence in the game, the song lives on his personal convictions to always live life to the fullest and stretch your boundaries as he sings,

“Be yourself no matter what is all I know/ I walk in and the elephant in the room … IOLO (I Only Live Once) / I’m way out…I’m way out.”

This detonation of talent has been crafting his gifts for several years, traveling the world as a dancer. The multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer also developed his skills holding down studio sessions with some of music’s best while platinum producer Drumma Boy and superstar Missy Elliott have also praised his music and creativity that are about to permeate the globe.

WNT-AL-N is exactly what the people need in today’s time, especially when musicianship and originality have become the exception. Leaving his fans with more than a song that’ll be easily replaced, the hybrid performer expresses,

“You have to be able to put your hope and faith in something. We live in an unstable world where everything’s a social media ‘moment’ and everyone is chasing the viral. I want people to look and follow me knowing that they’ll be able to trust and count on me for substance plus the fun time. I want to inspire them, provoke them to have the audacity to be great and change the world for the positive…that’s what I’m in it for.”

A true man of the people, WNT-AL-N also has no fears sharing his flaws and uses his platform to better society with his art as he delivers promise and enlightenment, adding,

“On a deeper level, we live in some crazy times and I will be one of the artists talking about it and acknowledging it. From the environment to food and fresh water to politics, I represent uplifting humanity in all my creative endeavors. Honesty and being yourself fully, educating yourself and then spreading it to others in a loving way is the answer to a lot of these problems and that’s what I want to do…my part.”

WNT-AL-N will definitely provoke your inner conscience while the party and fun remain jumping. His pulsating dance moves, unique style, charisma and musical rhythms create his own lane which can’t be duplicated. Taking yesterday, today and creating the future equals
WNT-AL-N and this star’s luminaries are ready to blind the world.

Tagline: “As long as its jamming and people dig it, they can call me whatever. It’s hard to put your finger on soul. I’m a reflection of mankind and Earth is my platform.”