Kinisi is the brainchild of Atlanta native Speros Kokenes. Anchored by his first true love, the guitar, Kinisi explores multifaceted compositions of organic and inorganic sounds, exploiting the relationships between them along the way. Electronic beats, warped samples, and pseudorhythmic guitars interweave to form breezy textures that move the listener across spaces, rarely leaving them where they started.

The ‘Kinesthetics’ EP is the first Kinisi release in 6 years. It encapsulates an ongoing journey of learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. This journey is underpinned by a struggle to be physically present and aware. These songs tell a story of tension between settling in the physical and being distracted by an increasingly noisy technological world.

Kinisi started as a solo dorm room project in 2011. “After a year and half of creating and releasing EPs, I became a little disenfranchised with the whole process and stopped releasing music for several years,” Speros explains. “I eventually got drafted into playing guitar for a live band around an Atlanta based electronic solo artist named Charolastra. The morning after our first show in February of 2017, I was so invigorated from playing music again that I immediately started working on new material of my own.

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"That morning’s work was the beginning of the track "Weird Mannerisms Pt 1”, which eventually turned into a 4-track EP. During the writing of the EP, there was a conscious effort to blur the lines between my guitar playing and synthesized sounds. This blend is best evidenced in the opening melody of “Highly Motivated Slacker”, which was derived from recording a guitar riff and then running it through a sampler so it could be chopped up and rearranged into a completely different melody, with a bouncy and slightly unnatural feel to it.“


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