Rockit Gaming is changing the music and gaming industry in a way that has never been done before. The pop duo, from Austin, TX, are the first of their genre create commercial quality music with lyrics themed around video games. In just 3 years, they have built a following of 215K+ subscribers on YouTube and 180K+ Spotify monthly listeners.

Video games have become a staple in the entertainment industry, and this pair is the first to combine music and gaming for mainstream audiences. Rockit (Russell McKamey) and Vinny Noose (Vincent Newsom) write and produce over 90 songs a year, and have over 200 songs in their catalog in their short existence.

Defining Rockit Gaming as a single genre is nearly impossible. In a nutshell, they are Alternative Hip-Hop, Indie Pop, Electro Pop, Pop Rock, Rap Rock, and Alt Rock. Their recent release based upon the continuously popular game, Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak , “Sick” was written about an apocalyptic zombie experience. While their song “Sick” was written about the specific events in the game, it can be dissected into an amazing circus of imagery for the mind. It taps into your mind in an indescribable way, making you feel truly uneasy. The resemblance to the pop/duo Twenty One Pilots is uncanny, but the twist- it’s about video games!

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Keep an eye out for Rockit Gaming, as they are stirring up the video game and music scene in an entirely new way.


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