Fresh off the dazzling track “Rest” in April, London-based electronic producer OhmField again shows stylistically eclectic charm and a knack for memorable hooks on new track “Worm Can”.

“My work as OhmField began early in 2018 as a direct response to a discouraging end of 2017,” he explains. “I see “Worm Can” as a study of the contrasting emotions I felt in Winter as opposed to the present day.”

“I stumbled across the vocal sample and I immediately became intrigued with the idea that ‘opening up a can of worms’ doesn’t necessarily have to envisage negative connotations. In order to address deeper issues in any situation, it’s important to accept that things may get worse before they get better; and with persistence, the risk is worth the reward.”

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“Creating an uplifting, bright song in a major key helped to create this image while lyrically, using a typically negative expression. I’ve always been interested in combining organically recorded instrumentation with futuristic elements. The acoustic guitar, piano and field-recordings in this track juxtaposes the granular percussion and heavily-processed vocal sample to create further contrasts.”


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