Jordan Vincent is a Los Angeles-based recording artist.  Hearing his father, a blues singer, sing around their home in Delaware, Jordan began the musical journey at the beginning. His first performance for an audience was in kindergarten, singing backup for a touring Disney artist. 

Jordan received numerous awards while in grade school for vocal, saxophone, and piano performance as well as becoming the first person in his middle school’s history to write a composition that was performed by the school band.  During college at the University of Delaware, Jordan played in several bands, most prominently the progressive funk group “Rubber Skunk”. As the band’s frontman, the band relocated to Manhattan, where they released 2 albums to critical acclaim, and gigged extensively throughout the east coast. After the band’s breakup, Jordan moved again to Los Angeles. In LA he has worked as a writer, performer, composer, and actor.  Jordan is credited with scoring 3 short films and several commercials as a composer.  As an actor, Jordan is currently represented by the Almond Agency. He has secured roles in short films, commercials, and appeared in a speaking role on a syndicated show on HGTV with William Shatner. Jordan has recently appeared on recordings with Michael Bublé, Blackthought (The Roots), Johan Carlsson (Shellback), and Spicy G, among others.

Jordan recently released his seminal EP, entitled There is No Line.  Called “An electric requiem for the pre-virtual age”, the conceptual project explores the ever-blurring separation between our real and digital human existence.  

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While filming a video for the ep’s lead single, “DGTZD”, Jordan was arrested when he ran on the field during a major league baseball game with a drone chasing behind him. The campaign surrounding “There is no Line” similarly incorporates music, performance art, misinformation, graffiti, drones, fake news, conspiracy, and general disruption throughout Los Angeles. The “DGTZD” video will be released 10/28, accompanied by a unique live show with his band, “The Carbon Chameleons.”


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