“The Other Man” is a rousing piece of folk, traversing from patiently retrospective verses into a chorus featuring Kazazian’s soaring vocals. “Time to feel the changing light,” he sings during this part. “See the phoenix flying high.” In both the lyrics and vocal performance, there’s a sense of rising through the clouds.

Rural Venezuela. Bustling Beirut. Downtown Los Angeles. Nigeria. All places musician Gary Kazazian has called home. His father’s career in oil-exposed him to a wide range of cultures and his introverted tendencies lent themselves to observing these walks of life. The tone, rhythm, and architecture of each setting slowly forged his view of the world, which ultimately trickled down to his music later in life. 

Gary’s debut EP, released on 11/29, is a collection of progressive folk songs. It combines the experiences of a young nomad with the with the time-honed perspectives of an adult looking for meaning on his own terms. The EP will be releasing alongside a video for the opening track “The Other Man.”

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