Widely praised for their genre-smashing approach to songcraft, The Great Escape is a three-piece band from Venice, CA, comprised of Kristian Nord (drums, bass, production), Malte Hagemeister (guitars, production), and Ingrid Andersson (vocals). 

The band’s second full-length “Universe In Bloom”, released in 2017, saw them take the raw energy and stomping confidence of their self-titled debut to the next level with massive hooks and catchy tunes beyond genre that could have been recorded at any point in the last 50 years. 

“Melting away the winter blues” with “cinnamon kisses” and a series of super irresistible melodies, ‘Season of Love’ indeed ticks all the boxes. The beautifully arranged indie-meets-soul Xmas exclusive channels the band’s early heroes (The Supremes, Beach Boys, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse) and guarantees an all-out audio feat to accompany the quality/family time that lies ahead.

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Featuring everything from the obvious jingle bells to a massive horn section and a middle part that veers into a “barbershop meets Beach Boys party with a Christmas market vibe”, it’s both timeless and unmistakably The Great Escape – and just so much more exciting than the same old Xmas tunes that are trotted out year after year.

The song is available for a donation – these funds go towards St Joseph Centre (a non-profit that helps homeless and low-income families and individuals in the band’s hometown Venice Beach). 

The band’s eponymous, self-produced debut album came out in 2014 and received much critical acclaim; PopDose called it "the best modern post-sunshine-pop record in years.”  They are currently working on their third full-length, forthcoming in 2019.  The trio’s latest single “All You Got Is Gold” is prominently featured in the first season of the popular Netflix show "The Haunting Of Hill House,” and has already gained a huge momentum internationally: Popping up on various alternative charts from Chile to Hong Kong to the US top-200 even, the sun-kissed, guitar-driven and string-heavy track is currently turning into a viral sensation.


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