CRÈME is the creation of Trixie Reiss, collaborator with legendary electronic act The Crystal Method. Reiss returns with new music as CRÈME, written, produced and performed entirely by herself: a genuine solo affair. Raised in NYC and still living there, she is consumed by art and music but particularly fascinated by divergence within the expanding influence and artistry of electronic music married to pop melody and experimentalism. 

The music produced as CRÈME is a result of this obsession. “Above Ground” was first released on CRÈME’s EP BRÜLÉE in October. CRÈME’s growing fanbase on Spotify and other platforms can look forward to this new remix which brings a completely new personality to the song, beautifully merging CRÈME’s electro-pop sensibilities with more future-esque and downtempo undertones. 

The project has another EP releasing in 2019. TEXAS DREW Known professionally as Texas Drew, producer John Gilbert was born and raised in Dallas. Gilbert graduated on full scholarship from Berkee College of Music before moving to Los Angeles, Cali. In 2016, prior to his collaboration with Alicia Keys, Gilbert and Elliot James signed a remix of The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back to Motown/Universal Music Group. His release Goosebumps featuring Dani Rae Vaughn peaked at #3 on Billboard’s Spotify US Viral 50 Chart. ABOUT THE TRACK: “"Above Ground" is a song that I wrote to myself in an effort to lift my spirits,” Trixie says. “My father, who I was very close to, passed away suddenly not long ago, on top of which, I tend to have a minor key disposition so when I was writing the songs for my BRÜLÉE EP I felt like I needed to focus on “hope”, something positive to counter darkness. 

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