Mercy Weiss is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn who now lives in Los Angeles. Her warm, soulful-voiced can be sublime or playful, but it is always expressive, captivating, and intimate as if she is whispering into your ear. She has collaborated with many musicians in different genres. 

Her version of “Brand New Key” also known as the “rollerskate song” by Melanie Safka, is a collaboration with Christopher Pellnat, who is also the guitarist for the Poughkeepsie, NY-based band, The Warp/the Weft What music writers have to say about Mercy: “Her voice is warm, full of distinctive character, with tone and phrasing eerily reminiscent at times of other characterful and natural contralto voices in jazz – for example, long-time favourites Astrud Gilberto and Billie Holiday.” – Pop Lib music blog “Mercy’s voice is coarsely sultry and transports you an alternative universe somewhere between a 1940’s speakeasy and 1970’s Studio 54." 

Robb Donker of American Pancake "I am absolutely captivated by this juxtaposition of seductive Lana Del Rey-like vocals and circus-esque instrumentation. It feels uncannily like a 19th-century cabaret, with an accordion to boot!” – Stephen Carradini of Independent Clauses “… xanax torch songs for 2016.” – The Modern Folk Music of America

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