After musically connecting over their shared love of Norwegian Pop, with band members Jostein, Casper & Benjamin being Norwegian themselves, the authentic 5-piece have been perfecting their distinctive sound and are now ready to take Leeds by storm this January 31st headlining at Headrow House, for their UK debut gig.

At the age of 15 DOMI’s frontwoman, Dominika, found herself as a finalist on the popular TV series Czechia Slovakia’s Got Talent and received her first glance into the music industry. Dominika wanted to stay true to herself and create her own sound, not recreate someone else’s, and in doing so has helped build DOMI, who are not afraid to experiment with new sounds, delivering dark pop that you can’t help but dance to.

DOMI take pride in their tracks allowing the listener to find their own meanings and ‘Let Me Follow’ is no exception. Initially drawing inspiration from Westworld’s iconic character Dolores, exploring the dark and mysterious outcome of how being trapped in this world can affect a person, ‘Let Me Follow’ evolved giving the track ambiguity and the listener the freedom to form their own personal interpretation that feels right for them.

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