Freedom Candlemaker Details Debut Album Beaming Light, Shares New Song “Journey” | out on February 22 via Inner Ear Records Hi! I’m thrilled to present you the third track, “Journey” from the forthcoming Beaming Light Lp from Cypriot frontman Freedom Candlemaker. Check it out below. for immediate release: Listen to the new offering from Freedom Candlemaker – “Journey" 

"Journey is a song about reconnecting with the freedom and wisdom of the inner child. It’s about learning through past experience and through playfulness. And it’s a song to move you physically and spiritually." 

Freedom Candlemaker’s new album Beaming Light is the culmination of his extensive musical journey and is aiming to reach far and wide and make his music known to an international audience. Beaming Light marks a departure from the artist’s previous output both sonically and symbolically: it is a radiant album that doesn’t carry the deep melancholy of his earlier work. Delving into uncultivated sonic areas, he finds a perfect balance between dense synth and guitar-based arrangements and his insightful songwriting, within a dreamy and nostalgic scope. In Beaming Light, Lefteris is seeking to reach a harmonious connection between past and future, childhood and adulthood, earthly and divine. The main thread of the record consists of themes of spirituality, empathy and achieving peace with one’s inner being, through constant change and reinvention. 

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The album was recorded mainly in Athens and is produced by Alex Bolpasis, one of the brightest young producers in Greece and also long-time friend and collaborator of Lefteris. Besides Lefteris playing bass, guitar, piano and synths, the album features the musicians: Michalis Kapilidis (drums), Dimitris Hatzizisis (guitars, violins), Vassilis Vlahakos (guitars, piano), Fotis Siotas (violins), Orestis Benekas (synths) and Hristos Hatzihristou (synths). The album artwork is based on the unique photos of photographer, writer, curator and journalist Filep Motwary. Bio: Freedom Candlemaker is a direct translation of the Cypriot singer-songwriter Lefteris Moumtzis’ name into English. Lefteris is a Cypriot musician, composer and producer, living in Lefkosia, Cyprus. Apart from his solo releases – lead singer of J.Kriste, Master of Disguise, Trio Tekke, and various collaborations – he is the founder of the independent record label Louvana Records and the artistic director of Fengaros Music Festival, Music Village Fengaros and Lefkosia Loop Festival. His musical journey began at the age of six when he started learning the piano.

At the age of fourteen, he started taking saxophone lessons, and shortly after he joined his sister’s rock band playing the piano and later on as a singer. During his obligatory service in the Cyprus army at the age of eighteen, he taught himself how to play the guitar, the bass and the drums and he realised that music was his path. He studied music in Boston, Massachusetts and later on in Birmingham UK, eventually moving for several years in London, UK, where he formed various bands like Masters of Disguise and Trio Tekke and organised his own music nights in South London. Upon his return to Cyprus , he founded the independent record label Louvana Records, with Andreas Trachonitis. His albums with Trio Tekke represent milestones of contemporary Greek rembetico music while his records as J.Kriste, Master of Disguise are a perfect blend of folk music and "Reflections” era Manos Hadjidakis. 

Freedom Candlemaker “Beaming Light” [Inner Ear Records] Format: Black & Turquoise 180gram vinyl, CD and digital Release Date: 22 February 2019 Preorder:

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