Cameron John Ashstan and Sarah “Strangebird” Markowitz comprise the genre-fluid DIY duo known as Bag of Brains. It all started when John left university in 2014 at age 18 and began writing, recording, and traveling the country in pursuit of finding meaning in the modern world of disconnect. 

After spending time wandering the west coast and playing in Nashville as a backing guitarist, he returned to Michigan and set up a studio in his parents’ garage. Over the next three years, he wrote and recorded nearly 400 songs, rarely releasing them due to his insecurity, reclusive behavior, and perfectionism. When Strangebird met him in 2017, she couldn’t believe that a 20-year-old kid was making this haunting music in his garage and hiding it from the world. She began singing on his songs and writing with him, encouraging him to share his music. They got married later that year and performed The Beach Boys “God Only Knows” together at their wedding. 

In 2018, while collaborating on a new batch of songs, John was admitted to a psychiatric hospital due to suicidal thoughts and was eventually diagnosed as Bipolar. Upon being released from the hospital, determined to find light in the darkness, John and Strangebird finished the project “Dharma Daizy” and released it as their debut album under the name Bag of Brains. They have released a number of singles and just released a new EP “SweetSadRain”. Dealing with themes such as love, life, joy, pain, poverty, isolation, and existential fear, their music has been categorized as soulful, melancholic, frantic, spiritual, heartbreaking, and even healing. Although it is hard to put a finger on a genre, as each song is so different from the next, they are somewhere between psychedelic folk/singer-songwriter/bedroom pop. The duo has been crafting their art in their tiny makeshift home studio for years and now they are ready to share the music and embark on their journey.

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