Here’s a song that started in 2015 (if not earlier) that’s gone through constant iteration, and for a year or two was left in a state that still had Led Zeppelin’s When The Levee Breaks drums as it’s “bones.” Originally a rock song, it now resembles more elements of R&B, future psychedelia and even dubstep at the end.

“Bones” is one of the singles in Fried Dough’s upcoming Mad Liquid Space LP (May 2019).

“I think this album will be the first time we really capture the idea going with the flow and not overthinking everything, which we’ve done more in the past,” the band says. “Some pieces took over two years to make; others took less than a week. But together they’re clearly this thing that we do. It’s dark and vibey, but it’s also fun and always going somewhere new.”


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