New Soul is the debut album from Gold Complex, the powerhouse 8-piece soul/pop band from Toronto, Canada. Following the release of their acclaimed self-titled EP in 2015, Gold Complex spent 3 years in the studio creating this new full-length record, their 9-song piece de resistance. Described by the CBC as “smooth, catchy and sexy ”, Gold Complex performed on camera and had their music licensed on the television series Open Heart, currently on Netflix. Having regularly sold out renowned venues such as Lee’s Palace, The Horseshoe Tavern and the MOD Club as well as having back-to-back sold-out showcases at Canadian Music Week, Gold Complex is grounded in their love for energetic live performance.

Gold Complex is excited to unveil ‘Acrylic Heart’, the signature track from their debut album. Acrylic Heart is a powerful, soulful ballad that explores romantic emotional manipulation from a range of perspectives. 

“This song is unique. Its verses are written in the third person, describing a narrative unfolding between a couple in a toxic relationship. In contrast, the chorus is written in the first person, sung as a cri de cour of someone conflicted in that relationship.” With a powerhouse, a range-defying vocal performance by lead singer Will Bowes, Acrylic Heart is placed at the epicenter of this album for good reason. 

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The band’s debut album New Soul is now available on all major digital platforms. Its sound is defined by rich vocal harmonies, a smooth 3 piece horn section, irresistibly catchy melodies and a relentlessly tight groove. By recording most of the album live-off-the-floor, and through meticulous production, Gold Complex have created an ultra-polished studio record with all of the explosive energy of their live show. New Soul is about love, lyrically and musically, in all of its shapes and sizes. 

The main songwriters, Andrew Dawson (guitar, producer), Will Bowes (lead vocals) and Blake Day (keyboard) all have a distinct writing style, complementing each other well and each telling a “different side of the story.”  

New Soul was produced and arranged by Andrew Dawson. The vision to blend the dense harmonic arrangements of progressive-pop and classic RnB with a modern vocal style and contemporary production techniques, has resulted in a sound comparable to few. Think Thriller x Pet Sounds x Songs in the Key of Life, but recorded in 2019. With this brand new body of work, Gold Complex hopes to reach new audiences and share their sound across the world.  


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