A single releasing ahead of Remedies’ forthcoming album, “Crimson Mind” portrays a topical theme these days, where young minds are being infected by dangerous ideologies, resulting in war, crime and terrorism. The rest is left for the listener’s imagination. 

Remedies is a Norwegian electronic-rock band from northern Norway, consisting of Tor Erik Krane Ursin and Sigrid Ravn Ryan. The band started playing together in August 2016. Since then they have written several songs which is being consecutively recorded and prepared for release. 

Both members have grown up in inspiring music environment’s where they have had the opportunity to unfold creatively. Sigrid has lived in San Francisco and Chicago, where she was involved in the local music environment. Her musical influences originate from the Scandinavian music scene towards artists like Lykke Li and Susanne Sundfør. Tor Erik has always been drawn towards ground breaking artist like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Muse and Radiohead. Remedies are combining elements from different genres, creating an original and exiting sound. 

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Remedies’ new single “Crimson Mind” releases on April 5th. This will be followed by an album in 2019.


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