LOS ANGELES, CA – Songwriter, producer, and recording artist Lindenfield is releasing his newest album “Punk Family,” a tribute to
members, real and imaginary, of his immediate family. 

The idea of a family-focused punk record itself might feel contradictory— most punk records (including the 70s punk that inspired this record) focus on youthful rebellion and political anti-establishment.). But, says Lindenfield, “When I think about spending time with my family,

I plan on feeling angsty around them and having a lot of fun. Punk was the genre that mirrored my family experience the best.”

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And like contemporary and classic punk records, “Punk Family” is made
of short, fast-paced songs with minimal production— think crunchy
guitars, crashing drums, tough-guy vocals. The album’s discernable
influences range from minimalist Ramones-esque classic punk in Punk
Dad to the disco-punk track Punk Brother Ronny, drawing from The Clash and Talking Heads, to the more modern anthem Punk Sister, reminiscent of Arcade Fire. 

 Punk Family’s lyrics are straightforward and silly, full of short one-syllable rhymes (in punk lyric tradition). They explore each family member’s character traits and habits— from his mom’s speech habits down to the lentils his brother cooks for dinner. While highlighting both the nerdy and badass about each family member, the songs glibly illustrate each person into an angsty punk hero.

In keeping with the “family” theme, Lindenfield has released Punk Family in physical form as a box of cereal. “I wanted to give people
something to munch on while they listen to the record,” he says. His Kickstarter to fund the production of the cereal boxes successfully
funded in just 10 days. 

 Lindenfield is a Los Angeles based musician and producer who has
worked on albums for Emily Brown and The New Electric Sound.


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