Headphone Hair is the project of Ian Walters, a musician based in Oakland, California. “ This Is All In Your Head  ” is a track from his recently released album, ‘Wishing Well.’ Aesthetically, there’s a likeness to Prefab Sprout and Hot Chip. Ian describes the track as such: “’This Is All In Your Head’ grew out of the resentments and confusion of trying to build a youthful relationship when one party has begun struggling with depression. 

Neither is sure how to function, and proceeds inevitably to hurt their loved one by saying and doing the wrong thing at every turn. Rather than communicating, learning independently or seeking advice, each young lover tries harder and harder to connect using the wrong tools, with disastrous consequences. 

The disconcerting acapella refrain of ‘This Is All In Your Head’ elevates the resulting loneliness and the gulf of misunderstanding that each finds stretching out to distant feet of the person they once felt so close to.”

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