Luna Park is the project of River Jarman. Spanning a number of influences, the songs range from Dream-pop to Synth-pop, and even Industrial at one point.

These three songs are the survivors of a larger project that I was unable to realize. However, they each seem to convey a message through their sound that wouldve done the entire album justice had it been finished. The Fall of 2018 was a tricky one, full of highs and lows, and these three songs do their best to tell that tale through sounds alone (I am no lyricist, at least not yet). The first represents being comfortable with ones situation. No worries, nowhere to be, just moving at its own pace. 

Then things get uneasy, and the second track represents the rush of trying to get past this difficulty by doing everything possible to counter the discomfort. However, the third track always appears and has its turn at the wheel, representing the descent into the struggle and the feelings that come with it. Maybe there needs to be a fourth song, since all of these emotions will eventually settle and things will be okay, but I do not have that track. These songs may represent more than all my other tracks combined, and this description really holds true only to my feelings, but if it resonates with you in a similar way, then thats okay with me. Thanks for listening.

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River Jarman – Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Synths and Synth programming, mixing (All Tracks)
Jeremiah Bradshaw (The Mystery Cult)- Guitar Melody (Track 2)

Just for fun, the gear used for this run of tracks were a: Strymon Big Sky, Jazz Bass, Stratocaster, EHX Soul Food, Roland Cube 30, Boss DD-7, Boss CE-2, Korg Prologue, Boss DD-220, Microkorg, Roland JV-1080. All recorded and “mixed” into Ableton.