Fiery and electric, “P Is For Pompeii” is a lightning bolt that strikes the listener with menacing energy and progressive musicianship. The song is quintessential Johnny Stranger, who sparked their underground following in their hometown of Olympia, WA in the mid-2000’s.  

Following the band’s breakup and a long struggle with depression, Singer/Songwriter Peter Anthony reignited the band and immediately began recording.  “The song’s lyrics were inspired by the vicious relationship between mother and daughter in Stephen King’s “Carrie”,” says Anthony. 

“Whereas the verses sing from the point-of-view of the mother (representing depression), the chorus is about overcoming that darkness: ‘I’ve got a soul, but who can tell.  Got a hole in my heart which you can’t fill and I need to get myself away.”

The journey of creating “P Is For Pompeii” was wild and twisted, but it has resulted in Johnny Stranger’s latest album, “Valkyrie” (their 5th album, of a planned 12).


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