A Lost Forgotten DreamIt’s waking in a primordial land. It’s waking from a dream. A dream of nature and of man – Conjoined twins long separated – both reunited and at war.It’s a rolling psych song. It’s dark dream pop. 

It’s the undulating, pulsing flow of surreal lyrics over rolling drums and guitars that drive and release like the rise and fall of the ocean.“On/Off”: Album NotesIt’s dark melodic shoe gaze. Dark dream pop. Whispery, stunted psych.Surreal and introspective.Disconnection. Discontent. Fraying.A derelict Cyborg Earth.But it is technology overreaching, faltering. The Earth reclaiming power.It’s the future mirroring the distant past.It’s Man and Nature reunited and at war.

Time erodes, swallows everything. Monoliths – cultures, cities, ideas…Buildings inevitably crumble. Become irrelevant.In the face of the enormity of time – our own perceived self importance dissolves away – It’s finding a calmness and contentment in this. This microscopic-ness. This irrelevant-ness.These aren’t sombre thoughts though. These are beautiful and freeing. A freedom in anonymity.

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Other possible things to take from the title “On/Off”: Living on autopilot in mindless routine like an appliance – with an on/off switch.The Earth reseting itself like an appliance (when it’s not working properly).


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