Born in Slovenia and raised in San Jose, California, Anja was classically trained in music. It was then when Anja was introduced to the “mysterious, magical world of music”

Living in California Anja seized every opportunity to sing, stating: “I just started playing around on the keyboard without any sheet music, and that’s accidentally how I wrote my first song. A whole new world opened up.” She has since trained with one of Los Angeles’ most prominent vocal coaches, Micah Plissner.  

Now, returning with 80s synth inspired empowerment anthem, Anja aims to shine a light on modern relationships, stating: “As all of my new music, Brain explores the millennial generation and their behaviour in the technological age. In this, it hones in on modern love and embraces loving someone for who they are, not how they look. It looks beyond one night stands and describes a more romanticised, intellectual love that is rooted in talk, and not touch.“ 

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