Hydra Lerna makes electro/pop/indie music that connects on a deeper level. Writing and producing all her own music in her home studio in Norwich, she writes around details and feelings that are often left unsaid, but are relatable. Hydra Lerna produces immersive pop songs with sounds and layers that create vivid imagery and lyrics that are stimulating and evocative. 

Although the subject matter might be intense, Hydra Lerna’s music is delicate and sincere: “The song explores the emotions associated with trying to move on from a dark and dirty past, but it’s not a heavy listen – it’s an uplifting, cleansing tune.” – Gigslutz on ‘Clean Like You’. 

A talented instrumentalist, Hydra Lerna plays the harp and the piano, both of which feature occasionally in her tracks. The lead single from her debut EP ‘Reckless’ is centred around a harp riff, and features in her compelling self-directed music video.

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