Jordan Mackampa shares new single ‘Under’ an uplifting track, which showcases the artist’s soulful timbre and ability to capture the joy of living presently. The track builds with foot-tapping rhythms, rich backing vocals, undulating funk bassline, and Mackampa’s trusty acoustic guitar. It all comes to a glorious peak in the latter half of the song; leaving an imprint long after the song closes in soulful harmonies. ‘Under’, was produced by Dani Castelar (Paolo Nutini).

Speaking on the track, Jordan quotes:

‘Under is about falling for someone you only met briefly on a train journey but feeling as if they could be the new love of your life, without hardly knowing them. But, within that journey home/work, you’ve let your mind drift off to who they might be as a person, what kind of food they like, tv shows you could watch together – basically imagining your whole life with them, whilst understanding that none of that will happen if you don’t go over to them & ask them out on a date before they leave.’

The London based soul singer is the combination of his Congolese roots and midlands upbringing. His soul-soaked, indie driven tracks swim in the sounds and stories of the cities he’s inhabited over the years. Inspired by his mother’s love of the great soul singers, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers and Curtis Mayfield, Jordan combines his timeless vocal with catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics to create an exciting hybrid of alternative pop and soul which will enchant and uplift in equal measure. 

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