Los Angeles act Still is comprised of Adrian Johnson, Julian Johnson, and Daniel McDonough, who grew up together – knowing each other since junior high. Adrian and Julian are twins, who were busy with their own music projects for the past few years. Daniel had wanted to work with them for a long time, but the twins had both been touring with different bands full time. Finally, the trio of longtime friends was able to come together and form a project that was a long time coming. Still was born.

McDonough’s solo work prior to the band’s formation – mostly written on harp and piano – was influential in honing the band’s current, melodic aesthetic.

“The most conscious decision I’ve ever made was deciding to give the music a post-punk structure,” McDonough says. “It really gave me the opportunity to focus more on vocals and melody.

"I work at a record store, so I’m constantly listening to different music, and because I write in a very subconscious way, its hard to say what is influencing me at the moment. I normally just say my favourite bands, which are The Cure, Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, Nick Cave, Dead Can Dance, Bjork etc. which probably had the most obvious influence.”

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“As far as recording goes. We recorded the whole EP in one day because of an extremely limited budget. We were in the studio for about 20 hours if I remember correctly. I wasn’t able to start recording vocals until after midnight, and I had to open the record store in just a few hours which added a lot of pressure to the process. Everyone else was passed out from exhaustion by the end and I was on the ground between vocal takes.”


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