’Play Dead Together’ is the brand new single by Danish indie rock trio The Great Dictators.

The song is both punchy and laid back at the same time. Layers of atmospheric synthesizers hide behind a heavy bass and an old distorted drum machine. The band recorded the sound of a flat tire which runs throughout the track. 

A few inspirations for the single include The Psychedelic Furs, Yo La Tengo and the ambient albums of Brian Eno. Songwriter Dragut Lugalzagosi on ‘Play Dead Together’: 

“This is our tiny epic slacker hymn. A song about feeling confused with the world. Sometimes you just feel like playing dead together with someone you’re safe with.” 

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The Great Dictators will release their new album ‘One Eye Opener’ April 17th via Celebration Records. It will be their first in over 3 years since ‘Women’ in 2016.

On the band’s upcoming album ‘One Eye Opener’

The Great Dictators will release their next album ‘One Eye Opener’ April 17th, 2020, via Celebration Records. A few inspirations for this include Leonard Cohen, The Psychedelic Furs, Kraftwerk and the ambient works of Brian Eno.

The genre is electronic indie rock. There are a lot of additional sub-genres and moods going on as well. Some of them: Electronic soul facing demons of all kinds. Groovy melancholy. Sonic pop. Experimental zen. Subtle mind games. Thoughtful weirdness. Nuances are constantly evolving throughout the songs. Whether it’s through repetitions or sudden bursts of dynamic changes. Hopefully, this can create a pleasantly strange and meditative state in the listener where different emotions can unfold.

“Before I started writing the songs my mission was to deconstruct elements in popular music, make songs out of all the bits and pieces and let something different emerge. I’ve always been a fan of most genres, pop included, and also attracted to flipping things around. The Devil is in the details and hopefully, there’ll be a lot of details one can dive into. The Devil also appears in the lyrics which dissect my personal life and comment on the state of the world.” – Dragut, lead singer/songwriter.






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